For the past six years, "TON IN TON" has been open not only to students, but to everyone. So please feel free to pass on this information to any music or art creators you know!
First, decide whether you want to react to someone's work or whether you find it more exciting if someone reacts to your work.


The closing date for registrations is March 20th. The "pairs" will be drawn shortly after that. Please note that we can only assure your participation by that date. If we can't find a Partner for you, we will inform you as soon as possible!



If you want someone to react to one of your works, please hand it over to your partner by April 20th. Please adhere to this date, so that they have enough time for the reaction!

Your action does not necessarily have to be created for "TON IN TON". Maybe you have a piece that you've always wanted to exhibit, and would be intersted in artistic dialogue?




If you sign up for a reaction, you will find out a few days after the registration deadline who you will be reacting to. Your partner will then hand over the action to you (by April 20th).

You then have time until May 18th to react to it and submit your work to us (time and place will be announced later).

For reaction works, it is expected that they were created after engaging with the randomly assigned starting work.


We are looking forward to your contributions and can't wait to see your creations!



If there are any uncertainties, please feel free to contact us anytime via email ( or through our Facebook page.


Closing Date : 3/20/2023

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